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Updated: Sep 21, 2022

The Assamese Film ' GO GO I ' II featured in Tokyo Film Awards

The film "GO GO i" has brought pride to the Assamese film world by participating in the recently held Tokyo Film Awards 2022 and receiving the Golden Award for Best Film in the Live Action section.

The movie is produced by Bikash Saha, directed by Chandra Mudoi, and has executive producers Mintu Nath and Ashim Nath under the aegis of Nexster Productions.

The film features Jatin Khanikar, Minakshi Deka, Himanjyoti Das, and Liza Nath in the major roles.

Based on a true event, the film is about the life and journey of a man who went for 27 days of starvation from ‘Gujarat to Assam’ after losing his livelihood when the entire world was in the midst of a lock-down caused by the corona pandemic in 2020. The film "GO GO i", created with the life-action religious presentation of "Jadhav Gogoi", longing for his family, decides to walk to his home, which is more than 3000 km away.

"Jadhav Gogoi," who is returning to the footsteps, is a beautiful truth. A humanitarian picture of the incident is being depicted. Witness how the Corona pandemic and its resulting lock-down affected the migrant workers.

The movie will be released on the "19th of August" in theatres near you as well as all over Assam.

Written by Chandra Mudoi, edited by Ashim Nath and Anendra Prasad Sarma.

The film's trailer has been made available to viewers on key digital platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram on 31st July, 2022. The filmmakers anticipate strong support from Assamese audiences when the film is released across the state on 19th August, 2022.

We hope everyone will come to the cinema and enjoy the picture.

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